E3 Animation Workshop Czech Republic

An animation event will be held in month 21 to engage young migrants. Each partner will support the newly trained integration leaders to develop their local networks of migrant youth. This workshop will be attended by the some of the adult and community educators who have delivered the training; some of the young migrants who have completed the Integration Leaders curriculum; and young migrants from the local area who might benefit from the integration resources developed in the future. A minimum of 20 people will attend this event and be introduced to the civic and social competence development resources contained in the digital toolbox. Individuals attending this event will develop a deep understanding of the project and its outputs and will act as advocates for the project in the wider adult and community education and migrant integration sectors; and in the local migrant communities in the areas where partners are based. Partners will repeat these events as often as is necessary to support the newly trained integration leaders to establish their micro networks.